Flow around an AC45 rigid wing sail Streamlines over upwind sails Free surface simulation of simple hull


Dynamic Fluid Design Ltd. is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) consultancy working in fields such as Marine, Energy and Transportation. Computational Fluid Dynamics is used to study the flow of fluids and its interaction with the surrounding environment and is now largely replacing traditional experimental techniques. Dynamic Fluid Design can help your business study and optimise fluid flow problems including boat hull design, sail shape optimisation, wind turbine or wave energy design and placement or efficient aerodynamic design of cars or goods transport vehicles.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD is used to calculate the behaviour of fluid as it interact with the surroundings. Fluid-structure interaction can also show how fluids can affect objects such as boats freely floating on water, sails changing shape in wind and structures deforming by the force of air or water. Fluid-structure interaction can help solve real world problems.

Dynamic Fluid Design

Dynamic Fluid Design can give you the scientific and engineering insight to solve and optimise any internal or external engineering fluid flow problem. If you have any query about how CFD and how Dynamic Fluid Design Ltd. could improve your product or process then please email us at